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Records of the Everything: Between Idea and Exhibition

Records of The Everything is a conversational video between artist and writer Sharon Kahanoff and artist Scott Massey, whose exhibition A Marker to Measure Drift was with the Gallery January 22 to April 3, 2021. Catalyzed by research documentation and images that show Massey’s working process, Kahanoff asks a slew of questions, letting curiosity lead the way. With an easy rapport born of a long friendship, the two meander through the images, addressing technology, materiality, perception, luck and happenstance, science, and the stars. Shining a light on a practice as a whole, what is emitted in the end is a portrait of an artist. If you’ve ever wanted to know about the kind of decisions you make as an artist, the kind of struggles you face, the excitement and joy of doing what you love - we encourage you to check out this taped recording of this insightful conversation.

Visit Records of Everything here.

Image credit: Scott Massey, Shadow play of colour wheel apparatus used in the Light Adjustments (Centre of the Universe) video work, 2013.

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