Range: Mountain National Park Photographs
January 15 to March 12, 2011
The Cube
Mike Andrew McLean
The large format photographs presented in McLean’s Range reflect on the Rocky Mountain National parks and their role in shaping the identity of Western Canadians. The Rockies provide a myriad of industrial opportunity, employment and recreation for tens of thousands of Canadians. Every year, it draws more and more admiring tourists from around the world. Canada’s National park system is vital to the protection and conservation of the region. McLean’s work follows in the tradition of historical mountain photography, capturing the natural beauty of these spectacular ranges and documenting human alterations to the terrain. The exhibition looks at our mountain National Parks in an attempt to better understand their complexities and provide a contemporary perspective on the changing roles and usage of these mountain landscapes.
Curated by Craig Willms
View images of the exhibition here.

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