Winter Tours & Workshops

On a tour of Adad Hannah: Glints and Reflections, students will be guided to question our role as viewers within a gallery/museum context. They will also learn to keenly observe works of art in order to view them in new ways, as well as to be able to recreate the works of art using only their bodies. They will look at and explore art in reflections of mirrors and old masterpieces being recreated as videos that look like photographs.

The tour experience is designed to improve visual literacy and encourage critical and creative thinking. The art instructor guides an examination of the exhibition and leads a discussion using such techniques as guided discovery, age-appropriate open-ended questions and appreciation of visual art terminology.

Students can expect to discuss the following questions: What is the composition of this artwork? Do I view the artwork differently when I know how it is made? How can I move my body to mimic the lines of this artwork?

Suitable for all grades 
Curriculum Connections
//Describe and respond to works of art
//Observe, listen, describe, inquire and predict how artists use processes, materials, movements, technologies, tools and techniques to create and communicate 
//Experience, document and share creative works in a variety of ways 

Workshops are conducted by trained art instructors who specialize in a variety of art forms in their own artistic practice. Workshops connect with our main exhibitions and are directed towards all grades by defining appropriate and diverse art-making activities for grades K-12. Students experiment with a variety of traditional and contemporary visual arts tools and materials in our studios.  

This season’s workshop explores the practice of creating tableaux vivants, used in several art works in the exhibition. Tableau Vivant is French for ‘living picture’ and essentially recreates an old painting or art work using costumes, props and a backdrop. Students will study and discuss Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, guided by an art instructor. They will then be led to choose and recreate an element from the painting. Then they will create a tableau vivant of their own, using the props they have created!

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