Winter Tours & Workshops

Suitable for grades K to 12

Curriculum connections
expression of self through creative processes // image development strategies // create meaning through symbolism

Guided tours & workshops available January 29 to March 30, 2018. 

On a tour of Re Present: Photography from South Asia, students will explore historical and contemporary South Asian art and photography. Throughout the tour, students will judge the reliability of photographs as sources of information and engage in a discussion about the supposed “honesty” of photography.

Since photography’s rise to popularity in the 1840s, Indian photographers have been manipulating and embellishing their images to enhance the way that they represent their subjects. During the tour, students will look at and analyze both historical and contemporary Indian embellished photographs and discuss how these additions alter the narrative of the image.

Back in our studios, we guide students through creating “whole self” self portraits. Building on the discussions in the Gallery, students will consider what colours, textures and objects they might add to a portrait of themselves to create a more complete representation of who they are.

Grades K-3 will create life-sized self portraits using oil pastels by tracing their bodies on a large piece of paper and filling the space with colours, patterns and objects that best represent them.

Grades 4-12 will create an embellished self portrait using painting, drawing and collage techniques to manipulate a Fuji Instax photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: Artwork included in this exhibition deals with topics of British colonization, war, xenophobia and other themes that may be challenging to younger viewers. For students in grades K-3, we have adjusted our tour to exclude this material. We are always happy to adapt our tours and workshops for all ages to suit your group’s ongoing learning. If you have any concerns about what your students may encounter, please contact us to discuss the exhibitions further or to schedule a free preview tour.

For more information, please contact our School & Youth Programs Coordinator.  

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