Winter Tours & Workshops

Free Rein

School programs are available for this exhibition from February 3 to March 13, 2020.

Through video, sculpture, sound, drawing and text works, the artists’ collective Feminist Land Art Retreat invite you to reconsider relationships between humans, animals and the land as we currently understand them and imagine a better world absent of ownership or hierarchies that values mutual reliance and cooperation. Free Rein explores ideas drawn from feminism, science fiction and social utopianism to propose alternative understandings of wildness, freedom and autonomy, especially as they are understood within the cultural myth of “the West.”

Our interactive tours and studios workshops are adapted for each group to allow for age-appropriate engagement with students of all grades. In addition to the curriculum connections we have identified below, you can expect your students to leave with a basic understanding of feminism, social utopianism, collective responsibility and land art. If you have specific outcomes in mind, please reach out to discuss how we can create something to suit.

develop personal and collective responsibility associated with creating, experiencing, or sharing in a safe learning environment // describe and respond to works of art // interpret symbolism and how it can be used to express meaning through the arts // create artistic works collaboratively and as an individual using ideas inspired by imagination, inquiry, experimentation, and purposeful play // use the arts to communicate, respond to and understand environmental and global issues

We are always happy to adapt our tours and workshops to suit your group’s ongoing learning. If you have any concerns about what your students may encounter, please contact us to discuss the exhibitions further or to schedule a free preview tour.

LAND ART // suitable for all grades
collaboration // sculpture // land art // conceptual art // scale // drawing

In this workshop, we explore the history and contemporary practice of land art and discuss how it is referenced in the exhibition Free Rein. Using the same 1” diameter rope used by FLAR to create Bridle, students will work collaboratively in our studios to create their own land art and document it through drawing and photography.

A FEMINIST UTOPIA // suitable for all grades

feminism // social utopianism // drawing // creative storytelling

In this workshop, we dig into some of the underlying ideas in the exhibition. Students will gain a basic understanding of feminism and social utopianism and be asked to imagine what their feminist utopia would include and create a large-scale drawing that represents their idea.

LAND ART, IN MINIATURE // suitable for Grades 4+
sculpture // fibre art // artistic practice // knot-tying // scale

In this workshop, we engage students in the artistic process of working towards a large-scale sculptural work and introduce the idea of the maquette – a scale model of a sculpture. Students will also learn about racking seizing, a kind of knot used to bind two pieces of rope together side by side by means of a third rope, and a simple three-strand braid, and use these techniques in their maquette.

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