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2020 was a year like no other, but thanks to the support of our many donors and members, the Gallery was open and vibrant through most of the pandemic.

The Kamloops Art Gallery is a registered charity and not-for-profit society. We gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Kamloops, the Province of British Columbia through the British Columbia Arts Council and Gaming Information and Services, Canada Council for the Arts and the the Government of Canada.

With 2021 now underway, we extend our deep appreciate to our government supporters and the following individuals, businesses, and organizations that continue to show their support and commitment to artists who through their work offer us opportunities for solace, learning, and greater understanding.

Verna Albright
Peter and Debra Allik-Petersenn
Anna Barton
Fearon Blair
Linda Barr
Georgia Mowat, Clementine and Paul Clark, and Margaret Chrumka
Paul and Stephanie Chrumka
Grant and Nancy Chu
Ambo Dhaliwal
Sophie and Christos Dikeakos
Willy and Leslie Disler
Sam Dahaliwal
Fred and Alice Duck
Susan and John Dumbrell
Jeanne Fenwick-Wilson
Deborah Fong
Shannon McQuillan, Sam and Angus McQuillan-Gordon, and James Gordon
James and Joan Gordon
Trinity, Jameson, and Jeremy Jensen, and Jocelyn Gordon
Cathy Hall-Patch
Elaine J. Harder
Penny Heaslip
Jane Irwin and Ross Hill
Colleen Hodgson
Elizabeth Holmes
Bob and Jo-Mary Hunter
Bruce, Alex, Amelia, and Nico Hunter
Jeanne Jensen
Colleen Kennedy
Linda King
June and Katsumi Kitamura
Ernie Kroeger
Kathleen Macintyre
Scott Massey
Laura McCall
Kirsten McDougall
Marilyn and Al McLean
Joan and Terry McQuillan
Kait Methot
Peter and Jennifer Murphy
Kim Naqvi
Lori Ottem
Zhichao Guo and Scott Owens
Dr. Ron J. Oyler
Sheila Pierson
Edith Pletzer
Niki, Steve, and Mason Remesz
Doug, Matt, Robyn, and Jamie Reudink
Terry Rogers
Kathleen Scherf
Elaine and David Sedgman
Maureen, Greg, Sara Kate, Halle and Chole Smith
Jeff Sodowsky
Stephen Faraday and Michelle Stanford
Lynne Totten
Ravi, Ronin, Ethan, and Aiden Sunder, and Shauna Tsuchiya
Alan, Adam, Finn, and Tamara Vukusic
Elaine and Roger Webber
Elaine Spaie and Larry Webster
Lois and David Williams
Karl and Eileen Willms
Rob and Rachel Wilson
Ralph and Rita Winkler
And Anonymous donors

Please contact the Gallery if you are interested in sponsoring or supporting us - 250.377.2400 or

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