The wonderful people of KAG

Fundraising Event Coordinator

Judy Basso

Executive Director

Margaret Chrumka

School and Youth Programs Coordinator

Anyssa Fortie

Collection Manager/Registrar

Krystyna Halliwell

Education and Public Programs Director

Emily Hope

Preparator Assistant

Cory Hope

Admissions/Gallery Store Coordinator

Mallory Johnson

Financial Controller

Garry Limpright

Administrative Assistant

Nelina Magliocchi

Administrative Coordinator

Kaitlin Methot


Charo Neville


Matthew Tremblay

Assistant Curator

Craig Willms

Gallery Attendants

Phone ext: 2400 

Jillian Beach
Kristina Bradshaw
Emily de Jardin
Sage Foucault
Amy Longo
Nelina Magliocchi
Rachel Paeth

Art Instructors

Marisa Drayton
Dion Fortie
Finn Modder
Emily Dundas Oke
Niki Mahon
Lewis Podlubny

Installation Assistants

Anyssa Fortie
Emily Dundas Oke
Niki Mahon
Melaina Todd
Jyelle Vogel


Miles Buckminster
Emma Thibault

Kamloops Art Gallery Board of Trustees 2017/2018

Manju Singh, President
Rob Wilson, Vice President
Andrina Antenbring, Secretary/Treasurer
Catharine Ballingall
Doug Buis
Ruby Dhand
Jaimie Drew
Lisa Fuller
Lucy Gearey
Jennifer McKinney
Sandra Seymour
Alexander Watt

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