Spring Tours & Workshops

Our Spring exhibition, Samuel Roy-Bois: Presences contains large sculptures, installations and photographs of balancing sculptures. 
The content is appropriate for all grades.

We have identified the following curriculum connections for this program. If you have specific outcomes in mind, please reach out to discuss how we can create something to suit.
  • Describe and respond to works of art
  • Research, describe, interpret and evaluate how artists use processes, materials, movements, tools, techniques and environments in the arts.
  • Reflect on works of art and creative processes to understand artists’ intentions.
  • Connect knowledge and skills from other areas of learning in planning, creating, interpreting, and analyzing works of art

On a tour of Samuel Roy-Bois: Presences, students will see art work that is very low to the floor and attached to the ceiling, and will be encouraged to look at sculpture in new ways.

During the tour, we will introduce and define some art-specific language such as:
  • art gallery
  • curator
  • installation
  • sculpture
  • site-specific art work
  • platform
  • plinth
  • volumetric mesh
Students will be guided to consider how things are made and how and why an artist makes the choices they do in the creation of their art work. Thoughout the tour, we encourage your students to find their voice and share with us what they see, feel and wonder about the art work on display.

This season’s workshop explores the use of familiar “every day” materials to create sculptural art works. Taking inspiration from the balancing sculptures in Samuel Roy-Bois’ photographs, students will create their own balancing sculptures using cardboard, oil pastels, wood and magnets. Without glue or tape, the cardboard cutouts will be assembled and balanced.

We are always happy to adapt our tours and workshops to suit your group’s ongoing learning. If you have any concerns about what your students may encounter, please contact us to discuss the exhibitions further or to schedule a free preview tour.

For more information, or to book a tour or workshop, please contact our School Programs Coordinator, Finn Modder.

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