Fall Tours & Workshops

On a tour of this exhibition, students will be introduced to conceptual art, the research that fuels it, and the processes Eleanor King uses to create her art. They will look at and explore giant murals, tall stacks of materials and immersive videos. Throughout the tour, students will discuss questions and ideas such as: Do art and music go together? What does it mean when an artwork is site specific? How can I use technology to see places I’ve never even been to? What impact do my choices have on the environment?

Workshop A—Collaborative Mural
Recommended for grades K-3, adaptable for all grades.

Based on the murals of Eleanor King, students will work together to design and create their own chalk murals on our studio walls.

Workshop B—Abstracted Landscapes
Recommended for grades 4-12, adaptable for all grades.

Students will explore landscape painting through abstraction and collage, using the same research techniques that Eleanor King employs. Using satellite imaging via Google Maps, students will learn how to represent a location (in this case Kamloops) through shape, colour and texture, incorporating iconic features of the Kamloops landscape. Students will ‘paint’ their abstract landscape using collage techniques, to mimic the solid colour block aesthetics King uses.

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