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Our Fall exhibition, Hexsa'am: To Be Here Always contains artworks made by 15 artists working in a variety of mediums, including video, photography and sculpture among others. Prevailing themes include Indigenous land rights, access to food and services and the threat to wild salmon posed by fish farming.

We have created a number of different tours options to allow for age-appropriate engagement with students of all grades, and have identified specific social studies curriculum connections for each program. If you have specific outcomes in mind, please reach out to discuss how we can create something to suit.


This tour engages your young students in conversations around the stories that we tell within our families and communities and the role of story in how we understand our world. We also discuss important topics such as climate change, fish farming practices and the health of our environment through the lens of the artworks on display.

SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULAR COMPETENCIES & CONTENT // stories and traditions about ourselves and our families reflect who we are and where we are from // relationships between a community and its environment // local actions have global consequences, and global actions have local consequences // Indigenous knowledge is passed down through oral history, traditions, and collective memory

This tour engages your students in conversations around the impact of colonization on Indigenous communities in British Columbia, specifically in Kingcome Inlet and here in Kamloops. We will discuss the McKenna McBride Royal Commission and talk about how artists in this exhibition have drawn from this legal document in the creation of their artworks.

SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULAR COMPETENCIES & CONTENT // the impact of colonization on First Peoples societies in British Columbia and Canada // First Peoples land ownership and use // roles of individuals, governmental organizations, and NGOs, including groups representing Indigenous peoples // contacts and conflicts between peoples stimulated significant cultural, social, political change

This tour engages students in discussion about discriminatory policies in British Columbia, specifically the 67-year potlatch pan, and the resistance of Indigenous Nations to these policies and other manifestations of colonialism.

SOCIAL STUDIES CURRICULAR COMPETENCIES & CONTENT // the continuing effects of imperialism and colonialism on Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world // discriminatory policies and injustices in Canada // resistance of B.C. First Peoples to colonialism


This season’s workshop explores the themes of storytelling, oral history, performance and climate change prevalent in the exhibition and engages students of all ages in the production of short collaborative videos.

Each class will be divided into smaller groups, with a maximum of 15 students in each.
Within their groups, students will be guided through the creation of a collaborative story about salmon, developing the narrative, characters and set design. Each student will create a puppet of their chosen character using cardboard and oil pastels and they will work together to create a chalk mural “set” on our walls. After some time for rehearsal, each group will perform their story for the class while being filmed by our art instructor.

Each class will bring home videos of their performances and each student’s puppet.

ARTS CURRICULAR COMPETENCIES AND CONTENT // drama: character, time, place, plot, tension // personal and collective responsibility associated with creating, experiencing, or sharing in a safe learning environment // processes, materials, movements, technologies, tools and techniques to support arts activities

We are always happy to adapt our tours and workshops to suit your group’s ongoing learning. If you have any concerns about what your students may encounter, please contact us to discuss the exhibitions further or to schedule a free preview tour.

For more information, or to book a tour or workshop, please contact Emily Hope, our Education and Public Programs Director. 

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