UNDISCOVERED: New Art from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District
October 28 to December 31, 2007
undiscovered adj 1: not discovered; "with earth-based telescopes many stars remain undiscovered" 2: not yet discovered; "undiscovered islands"  [syn: unexplored]

Kamloops Art Gallery presents work by six talented and newly “discovered” artists from the Thompson-Nicola Regional District. Selected by a team of invited jurors, artists James Black, John Russell, Daniel Tom, Megs Waterous, Craig Willms and Barbara Zimonick represent some of the region’s hidden talent.

Over a two day period in March 2007, an expert panel reviewed 78 submitted portfolios. Jurors George Harris, Curator of Two Rivers Art Gallery in Prince George, Dona Moore, Director of Kelowna Art Gallery in Kelowna, Deborah Loxam-Kohl, Curator of Touchstones Nelson: Museum of Art and History, and well-known Kamloops artist David Langevin evaluated each submission on the basis of originality—the exploration of new terrain—as well as artistic vision and merit.

The six artists in Undiscovered  work in diverse media and styles. Photographers John Russell and Barbara Zimonick capture the beauty of the regional landscape in very different ways. James Black’s ink drawings of animals, vehicles, and entertainment equipment provide a contemporary First Nations’ perspective. Daniel Tom presents beautiful “tomahawk” sculptures made from carved wood and stone, recycled fur, and other salvaged materials. Megs Waterous’ ceramic vessels are abstracts but, like Tom’s sculptures, refer to the natural world. Craig Willms, an avid lover of baseball, has created the interactive sculptural installation How to Throw a Knuckleball—baseballs included!

The Gallery is delighted to organize an exhibition of works by these talented artists, their first show in a public gallery. Through this exhibition, the Gallery hopes to generate excitement about the visual arts emerging in the region.

A full colour catalogue accompanies the exhibition and is available for purchase in The Gallery Store.
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View images of the exhibition here.

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