Spring Workshops 2017

Spring workshops are available April 25 to June 30, 2017. To book a workshop, please complete this form or contact our School Programs Coordinator, 250-377-2408. 

K-3: Frottage a Message
In this workshop, students explore texture, collage and drawing. In the Gallery, students learn about frottage, the technique of taking a rubbing from an uneven surface through the work of artist Mark Clintberg. Back in our studios, students will make their own frottage plaques using foam plates, cardboard and other textured collage materials. The studio workshop will conclude with students taking rubbings of each other's plaques and, if time allows, experimenting with different materials: pastels, coloured pencils and willow charcoal.

Curriculum Connections
Observe and share how artists use processes and materials; explore texture, shape and line; experiment with new processes and techniques in art making.

4-6: Make Your Own Memoir
In this workshop, students will learn rudimentary bookbinding techniques and develop strategies for creating a graphic tale about an autobiographical event. In the Gallery, we will spend extra time with artworks that inspire this project and will also look at examples of zines, graphic novels and artist-made books that feature autobiographical material. In our studios, students will learn two basic bookbinding techniques—staple-bound and accordion-fold—and explore how to use symbolism and metaphor to communicate feelings and ideas. Students will have a wide selection of materials to choose from in the creation of their story—letraset, collage, graphite and coloured pencils, markers, pastels and inks—and will be encouraged to take risks with their choices and consider how their material choice can influence the message.

Curriculum Connections
Explore identity, place, culture and belonging through art; employ symbolism and metaphor to create and represent meaning; intentionally select artistic elements, materials and techniques to express meaning; take creative risks to express feelings, ideas and experiences

7-9: Cross-stitched Culture
In this workshop, students learn basic cross-stitch techniques and create an embroidered pin-back button based on their own design. In the Gallery, students explore the work of artist Emily Gove who uses embroidery to create portraits of female characters from zombie films. Through engaged discussion, we will explore ideas of feminism, history and popular culture and think about how artists can challenge established ideas through their work. Back in the studio, students will create a small (2.25”) drawing that explores something in popular culture they would like to challenge. They will learn the basics of cross-stitch and apply this technique to create an embroidered version of their drawing which will then be made into a pin-back button for them to wear or trade.

Curriculum Connections
Explore relationships between identity, place, culture, society and belonging through art; describe, interpret and respond to works of art; question established ideas and historical perspectives; compose, interpret and expand ideas using symbolism.

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